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Since 1985 Little River Welding & Hydraulics, LLC has been the area’s choice for welding repairs, custom fabrications, and hydraulic needs.

Services Overview


Mig, Stick, and Heil-Arc
Portable Welding
Plasma Cutting


Cylinder Repair
Hoses up to 2" and 6000 PSI
Fittings and Adapters
Largest Inventory in the Area

Machine Shop

Milling Machine
Lathe and Sunnen Honing Machine
Shape Cutting Machine
Custom Services

Fabrication and More

Custom Fabrication
Trailers, Fences, Hitches,
Docks, Heavy Equipment Repair,
and More

Why Choose Little River Welding & Hydraulics, LLC?

Jeff Schmalfeldt opened Little River Welding & Hydraulics, LLC in 1985 with a passion to do good work in a timely manner while at a reasonable price.  As Little River Welding has since grown however Jeff has not lost sight of his original vision and continues to do great work and stand behind his shop’s work.

Customer Testimonials

During this project, I visited Little River Welding four times. During each visit, I saw big tractor-trailers coming and going for welding services. On each visit, Jeff was available to talk with and counsel me.
Despite all these large commercial customers, Jeff treated me like I was his most important customer.
Arthur M.
The guys over at Little River Welding are fantastic!!! I have brought them several items to repair and upgrade and the prices were fantastic!!! We also use them for our businesses hydraulic hoses and I could NOT find a better quality nor better priced selection in all of SC!!! Jeff and his guys are fantastic give them a call today and they can handle all of your fabrication and welding needs!
Michael R.
Would recommend! I had a different need. I was turning a king sized bed into a deck. I needed the support bars made that would be adequate. They made them so quickly! They knew I needed their their help and did the best job! very strong! Very happy!
Kristen B.